Cherié & Shane | Daylight Studios Cape Town

This wedding was so dear to my heart. Shane & Cherié have a very special story and it is so inspiring that it made me tear up when they told it to me. They have been through some rough waters and their love for each other is what pulled them through. It was the biggest honour to be present at their beautiful wedding.

I love shooting inner city weddings, it just has this unique and urban atmosphere that I love to photograph! Combining that with a drop-dead gorgeous couple, tons of blush and rose gold, and you have magic. Cherié’s stunning corset dress was made by the talented Robyn Roberts.

 Their Story

Shane & I met nearly 4 years ago at the Church’s cell group. I wouldn’t call it the typical love at first sight kind of story but looking back, we were always drawn towards each other…at that stage however I wasn’t entirely sure whether he was drawn to me or my cupcakes! Time passed, and after many chit chats, Shane invited me to join for his birthday party – was the first time we were out of the cell group environment…and that’s where the sparks began! I wouldn’t call the beginning of our relationship as the typical run of mill relationship – we were faced with at that stage an insurmountable challenge

…Shane was diagnosed with big C.

However thanks to our Mighty God, friends & family we overcame this and continued to grow together! Upon conquering this challenge…that’s when Shane went shopping…RING SHOPPING!!!

The Proposal

It was a normal Friday where I couldn’t wait to go home and relax. Shane messaged me to go for drinks with him at the Ruby Bar in Crystal Towers, which was not something out of the ordinary as we would go there often. Being at a client and still needed to drive an hour to get back to Cape Town, I was not very keen on the idea but gave in. On my way I tried contacting Shane a few times with no luck. On my arrival at the Hotel, Shane was nowhere to be found and he is not answering his phone. At this stage I am fuming after waiting for him almost an hour and Shane knows I do not have the patience to wait. I went into the Hotel where one of the staff came up to me and handed me a glass of bubbly and a note and said I must follow him. He escorted me up to one of the rooms where I thought Shane had organised a romantic private massage for us- he’s that kind of person, always spoiling me. By this time I was so mad that the tears started… As I walked into the room, Shane all suited up, appears before me and kneeled down on one knee and POPPED the question… From one extreme to another was his plan all along…

Floral Design | My Sweetpea

Stationery & Decor | Pretty Different Events

The Dress | Robyn Roberts Bridal

Makeup: Nadia Halperin

Hair: Candisty Baartman

Venue | Daylight Studios Cape Town

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