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This love story begins with God. Two people were loved. They each found His Love. And through This Love, they found true love in each other.

We met just over two years ago at a get-together through mutual friends. The immediate connection was there and conversations that would influence a lifetime started. The journey of courtship began soon after, until the day he surprised me with the most romantic dinner date ever on our one-year anniversary! The dinner date (in my eyes) seemed like a celebration-only-of-our-one-year-togetherness…However, at the end of the night, he bowled me out again like on day one, read me a card and went down on his knee and asked me whether we could spend the rest of our lives together.

Testimonies of confirmation about our ‘becoming one’ followed in the week thereafter, and then I knew that this love story was truly designed by a Greater Hand at work. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with God’s best for me.


Like every good South African story, this one starts at a braai and the main ingredient was…”God had a plan.”
So I met Margaux at a braai. Eventually, at the end of the evening, we got chatting and couldn’t stop. A few weeks later I had to go away for work for three months and I never had her number, so we never chatted. Eventually, when I got back to Cape Town, I saw she was becoming a member of my church. I arranged a few socials at my place with a bunch of friends, hoping that she would attend so that I can chat a bit more with her. We connected well from the beginning and eventually started having coffee dates, until I realized I want to take this further. I chatted with my friends and leadership from the church and we all agreed that this is from God and I can take it further…

A year down the line on our anniversary I asked her to marry me and she said… “I want to think about it first” (not what I expected and not what society says should happen). The next week I was affirmed that my happiness is not based on her, but based on God; and in that week God was speaking to Margaux and confirming to her that we are meant to be one. At the end of the week she gave me a DVD she had made for our anniversary with photos, video clips and memories, and at the end of the DVD there was a slide that said “if you still have a question, you can ask it…” AND I DID and she said “YES!”

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