Maryke & Jaco

Langdam in Koo Wedding Venue | Montagu

What a great experience shooting in the beautiful Koo Valley at the brand new wedding venue, Langdam Guest Farm. This wedding had some awesome elements like the bride’s long, blush coloured veil (which was absolutely stunning against the lush greenery of the forest!); the ceremony arch with beautiful doily dreamcatchers; the big greenery wreaths at the reception; the bride’s unique long sleeved dress; and the amount of dogs present on the farm was pretty awesome!

 Advice from the Bride

Don’t compromise on what you want. Decide what it is you want your wedding to look and be like, and go for it!!! Never be afraid to ask for help. The more people are involved, the more they enjoy the wedding with you. Make sure you have good food, a good DJ, good company and an amazing photographer to capture your special day. But most importantly it’s about the biggest promise you’re making to the most important person in your life… that’s what really matters.

This was my first time shooting with smoke bombs. They add a beautiful “misty” effect, especially the white ones!

Quick tip 

Take into account the direction and strength of the wind when working with these smoke bombs. The wind determines where the smoke will be in your frame and how long it stays before blowing away/thinning out. Also be cautious with the one’s that create an open flame when triggering it. They are quite dangerous to hold in your hand while the flame is going, but even more dangerous when putting them down in a dry/leafy area.

smoke bomb wedding photography ideas

Floral Design & Decor | Langdam Wedding Venue

Stationery | Kirsten Krige

Videographers | Popped Red Balloon Productions

The Dress | Marlene de Vries

Makeup & Hair | Lizette Meyer

Groom’s suit | Topman

Maryke’s Ring | Manfred Karner

Venue | Langdam Wedding Venue

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