Wedding Day Tips for Brides


Being a professional wedding photographer for over 7 years has surely had some interesting moments. I’ve seen some wonderful moments play out in front of my eyes, but I’ve also seen some moments that were not properly planned and even worse, not taken in and enjoyed!

Here are some quick tips I would love to give all brides to help them make the best of their big day…

1. Take it off!

Don’t put on a bra the morning of the wedding. As this will prevent any marks on your shoulders & back. Even wearing a strapless bra will leave marks on your back and this will spoil your beautiful open back dress.


sexy bridal gown open back dress

2. Don’t go hungry

Make time during the reception to sit down with your partner and enjoy the food. If you aren’t hungry at the reception (adrenalin does this), ask your caterer to pack up some food/snacks for the two of you before leaving the reception. You can also have someone bring you a small platter of pre-drinks snacks during the couple shoot.


3. Sit down

I’ve seen brides on the wedding day not being able to sit down comfortably in their wedding gowns. This is because they’ve never actually tried to sit down before the reception. When you go for your final alterations, be sure to sit down.


4. Create a new Tradition

I’ve seen a bride and groom break all tradition and meet each other the morning of the wedding in a quiet spot in a garden, to read each other love letters and pray together. I think that must be such a special moment and it just amplified their excitement for the day ahead!  Why not make new traditions?


5. Have your bridesmaids/groomsmen pray with/over you before ceremony

This is also another incredibly special moment that will set the tone for the rest of the day. This will remind all your bridesmaids/groomsmen what a huge honour it is to stand next to you when you enter holy covenant with your partner. This will also surely calm any anxiety, keep you focused and remind you what the day is about.


tips for brides wedding day

6. Take 5 minutes alone with each other

Make sure to put aside 5-10 minutes just for the two of you to be alone together before or after the couple shoot. I’ve seen couples that didn’t get to spend a moment alone, just to chat and ask each other how the day has been. This day is about the two of you, so make sure you connect during the day and cherish the moments where you are alone, holding hands or looking into each other’s eyes.


tips for brides on the wedding day

7. Watch the guests

Take a moment during the reception to stand together and watch your guests celebrating, dancing and enjoying everything you’ve put together.


8. Purchase a nice hanger for your dress

There’s nothing worse than a stunning designer gown hanging on a plastic hanger. The hanger does show up in the pictures, so it’s worth it to have a nice one made or buy one from an online store like I Do Box or Lovilee Wedding Hangers.


9. Guest Favour Ideas

Photo booths are a great idea for entertaining guests and keeping them busy during the couple shoot or reception – they also make great, personalized favours. Also, consider getting a caricature artist to draw portraits of your guests. I’ve seen how guests LOVE these!